Advanced Cold Plasma Decontamination Technologies

In-line, continuous greener cleaning solutions for food-contact surfaces, reducing resource requirements!

No Cleaning Downtime

Downtime can account for 5% to 20% of working time. Reducing productivity and revenue levels for manufacturers.

Resource Free Solution

Cleaning practices account for 70% of factory water usage, our cleaning solution requires none

No Chemical Waste

Chemical cross-contamination can threaten food safety during different stages of food production

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Our technology can save up to 90% in energy consumption compared to thermal cleaning solutions

About PlasmaFresh

We aim to provide greener solutions to production line cleaning. Our retro-fitted cold plasma innovations can increase hygiene levels while reducing energy, production line downtime & resource costs

Understanding the Problem

Food producers go to extraordinary lengths to remove harmful contaminants from production lines. Current cleaning methods rely on thermal/toxic chemicals treatment. These come with significant resource costs, high energy demands and production-line downtime for manual cleaning. Resulting in HUGE amounts of lost revenue.


Other Applications

Our technology has a broad range of decontamination applications within the food & beverage sector.

Food Produce

Treating food produce with our technology has proven to increase shelf-life by several days

Washing/freezing water

Our technology can be used to kill pathogens in water used for washing/freezing on the food production line.


Clean air of any harmful pathogens, providing a safer environment for workers & the public.

Meet The Team

Prof. James Walsh

James has been the driving force behind the underpinning research of our technology. With 15 years of cold plasma research experience and over 100 scientific publications in the area, James provides invaluable knowledge and insight, enabling us to keep at a technological forefront.

Mike Lodge

An experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in Clean Tech, food and beverage and pharma industries. Mike brings over 25 years of international business experience having worked in a range of technology, commercial and M&A roles.

Dr. Aaron Dickenson

Aaron has a passion for the technological development of cold plasma systems, applying his knowledge of the physiochemical nature of cold plasma, gained during his research at the University of Liverpool, to create devices capable of tackling real-world problems.

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